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Lyric Soprano (range: G3-F6)

Height: 5'3"    Eyes: Brown    Hair: Brown




CATS                                                             Sillabub/u/s Rumpleteazer                                     Troika Entertainment/Richard Stafford/Kristen Blodgette

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer          Flying Elf/u/s Rudolph*/u/s Clarice/ Flight           McCoy Rigby Entertainment/Dana Solimando

-AEA tour at Madison Square Garden                   Captain           *with performances at MSG

Rudoph the Red-Nosed Reindeer           Flying Elf/u/s Rudolph & u/s Clarice                      McCoy Rigby Entertainment/Dana Solimando         



Last Night in Inwood (World Premiere)  Danny                                                                          Theatre Lab/Alix Sobler/Matt Stabile

Americana Christmas Carol                     Debbie                                                                          Americana Theatre Company/Jesse Sullivan

Sister Act                                                      Sister Mary Robert/Dance Captain                         Festival Summer Rep/Becky Timms/Greg Brown/Leonard Soroko

Nunsense                                                     Sister Mary Leo/Dance Captain                               Moonlight Stage/Carlos Mendoza

Fiddler on the Roof                                    Chava                                                                            Moonlight Stage/Kathy Brombacher

CATS (with Ken Page)                               Sillabub/u/s Demeter                                                 Gateway Playhouse/Jacob Brent

Teach (reading)                                               Female Chris                                                               Palm Beach Dramaworks/Bruce Linser/Ken Kay

The Nothing That is Something (reading)  News Reporter                                                            Palm Beach Dramaworks/Bruce Linser

West Side Story                                          Graziella                                                                      Lambs Players/Deborah Smyth

CATS (with Taylor Dayne)                       Sillabub                                                                        Merry-Go-Round Playhouse/Jacob Brent

Oliver                                                          Bet                                                                                 Fullerton CLO/Jan Duncan/Dana Solimando

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers             Alice                                                                              Cabrillo Music Theatre/Lewis Wilkenfeld/John Charron

My Fair Lady                                             Ensemble/u/s Eliza &u/s Mrs. Hopkins                  Gateway Playhouse/Keith Andrews

CATS                                                            Sillabub                                                                        Musical Theatre West/Dana Solimando

Into the Woods                                           Little Red Riding Hood                                              90X Arts/Kevin Horne

Urinetown                                                   Little Sally                                                                   90X Arts/Kevin Horne

Bye Bye Birdie                                            Sad Girl/Helen                                                           San Diego Music Theatre/Dan Mojica

The Wizard of Oz                                       Ensemble                                                                    3D Theatricals/Shauna Markey

Oklahoma                                                   Ensemble                                                                    The Welk Resort/Dan Mojica

South Pacific                                               Ensign Sue Yaeger/Pointe Soloist                           Moonlight Stage/Steve Glaudini

Me and My Girl                                          Dance Captain                                                            Moonlight Stage/Don and Bonnie Ward

White Christmas                                        Ensemble/Quintet                                                      Norris Theatre/Kami Martin

Happy Days                                                Ensemble                                                                     Cabrillo Music Theatre/Lewis Wilkenfeld/John Charron

Holiday Spectacular w/ Shirley Jones    Singer/Dancer                                                             Cabrillo Music Theatre/Cheryl Baxter

New Year's Eve Show                                Dancer                                                                         Cabrillo Music Theatre/Keenon Hooks

Vox Lumiere - Peter Pan                           Dancer                                                                          Vox Lumiere/Kai Chubb

Cabaret                                                        Kit Kat Club Girl                                                         International City Theatre Long Beach

Urinetown                                                   Penelope Pennywise/Dance Captain                        Studio One Theatre/Michael Ursua/Lee Soroko

Mill Fire                                                       Marlene                                                                        Studio One Theatre/Jean-Louis Baldet

The Provoked Wife                                    Lady Brute                                                                    Studio One Theatre/Jean-Louis Baldet

Children's Hour                                         Mary Tilford                                                                 Studio One Theatre/Kathryn Johnston

Uncle Vanya                                                Maman                                                                         Studio One Theatre/Desmond Gallant

Choosing Helen Demo CD                        Alto Ensemble                                                             John Philpit (Manhattan)

Much Ado About Boys (reading)                   Celia                                                                             Theatre Lab/Matt Stabile

Billing the NRA (reading)                               Holly                                                                             Theatre Lab/Lou Tyrell

Art Installation                                           Actor/Dancer                                                               Art Siegel, Artist                               



September 12                                            Student                                                                        Angel Valley Productions/Matthew Lewis

The Big Production                                  Featured Dancer                                                        USC Graduate Film

Swing Out                                                  Jean (lead)                                                                   USC Film 310 project

Rape                                                           Victim (lead)                                                                USC Film 290 project

USC Trojan housing DVD                       Co-host                                                                        Trojanvision T.V. Station

Exposed! Variety Show                           Co-host                                                                        Trojanvision T.V. Station

Estee Lauder Flash Mob                         Pro Core Dancer                                                         Flash Mob America

The Blacklist/Homeland/Power/           Extra

Madame Secretary

Dialect Coaching

Murder on the Orient Express                    Stonehill College - 2024

The Play That Goes Wrong                          Dean College - 2023

Amelie                                                             Stonehill College - 2023

The Importance of Being Earnest               Dean College - 2022

Big Fish                                                            KD Studios - 2023

Americana Christmas Carol                       Americana Theatre Company - 2022


Urinetown                                                                    90X Arts

Frankenstein                                                               FAU Department of Theatre and Dance

The Addams Family (NYA Winner-                           Carlsbad Community Theatre - Young Adult Show

       Most Outstanding Production)

Hairspray                                                                     Carlsbad Community Theatre - Young Adult Show

Elf                                                                                  Carlsbad Community Theatre - Young Adult Show

Winter Show/Show Choir                                          Westlake High School Choral Music Department

Peter Pan  (tap/musical theatre dances)                USC Repertory Dance Company

Once Upon a Plie (musical theatre dances)           USC Repertory Dance Company

Voice-over/Audiobooks (over 2000 units sold to date, available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes)
  • Black Willows by Jill Hand  

  • Coming Full Circle: Ancient Teachings for a Modern World by Lynn Andrews

  • Saving Grace by D.M. Barr

  • A Game Of Shadows (Amelia Gardner Series) by Jessica King and T.J. Ryan

  • A Gambit Of Shadows (Amelia Gardner Series 2) by Jessica King and T.J. Ryan

  • A Grave Of Shadows (Amelia Gardner Series 3) by Jessica King and T.J. Ryan

  • The Therapist (Amelia Gardner Series 4) by Jessica King and T.J. Ryan

  • The Therapist's Gambit (Amelia Gardner Series 5) by Jessica King and T.J. Ryan

  • The Therapist's Game (Amelia Gardner Series 6) by Jessica King and T.J. Ryan

  • Ruthless King: A Dark Mafia Romance: War of Roses Universe (Mice and Men Book 1) by Lana Sky

  • King's Men: A Dark Romance (Savage Fall Duet Book 1) by Lana Sky

  • King's Horses: A Dark Bully Romance (Savage Fall Duet Book 2) by Lana Sky

  • Crescendo (Beautiful Monsters Book 1) by Lana Sky

  • Refrain (Beautiful Monsters Book 2) by Lana Sky

  • Chain Me (The Ellie Gray Chronicles) by Lana Sky

  • Drain Me (The Ellie Gray Chronicles Book 1) by Lana Sky

  • The Ellie Gray Chronicles Box Set by Lana Sky

  • The Mediterranean Diet: Beginner’s Guide to the Number 1 Diet by Paul Sandy

  • “Summary of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo,” by Summareads Media -

  • “Summary of the Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown,” by Summareads Media

  • House of Bears: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Bears of Oregon Book 1) by Samantha Snow and Amy Star

  • House of Bears 2: Loch (Bears of Oregon) by Samantha Snow

  • House of Bears 3: Trapped (Bears of Oregon) by Amy Star and Samantha Snow

  • House of Bears 4: The Lost Souls (Bears of Oregon) by Amy Start and Samantha Snow

  • House of Bears 5: Lovers and Friends (Bears of Oregon)  by Amy Star and Samantha Snow

  • House of Bears 6: Besieged (Bears of Oregon) by Amy Star and Samantha Snow

  • House of Bears 7: The End of Peace (Bears of Oregon) by Amy Star and Samantha Snow

  • Rogues Always Wear Black: A Steamy British Historical Romance Novel (Forbidden Kisses Book 1)

  • Waltz of the Wallflower: Delicate Hearts Book 1 by Catherine Mayfair (2019)

  • A Warm Kiss: The First Kiss Can Take Forever by Selena Cantrell  (2019)

  • Gaslighting and Empaths: Coping with Exploiters (Toxic Others Book 23) by Lily Lovell (2019)


Florida Atlantic University -  M.F.A. in Theatre Performance

University of Southern California -  B.A. in Theatre (minor in International Relations)

Musical Theatre -  USC School of Theatre: - Kelly Ward, Jason Robert Brown, Parmer Fuller; Bob Cline

Movement (FAU, Leonard Soroko) - Viewpoints, Alexander, Neutral Mask, Laban, Stage Combat

Acting: (FAU, Jean-Louis Baldet, Desmond Gallant, Lynn McNutt) - Stanislavski, Chekhov, Acting for Film, Contemporary, Modern, Classical, Absurdism

Acting: (USC School of Theatre) - David Bridel, Charlotte Cornwell, Barry Edelstein

Voiceover/Audiobook Narration and Production - Karen-Eileen Gordon

Speech: (FAU, Kathryn Johnston) - IPA, Knight-Thompson, accent/dialect/idiolect mastery

Voice: (FAU, Kathryn Johnston) - Fitzmaurice, Linklater, Rodenburg

Singing - Carolyn Marcell; Dan Thaler; Dianna Ruggiero; Michael Duff/Priscilla Duff; Ann Arvia; Jennifer/Michael Goodrich; Mary Drummond

Dance - Lisa Lockwood (ballet); Michelle Fayard (tap, lyrical); Rafael Garcia (jazz); Betsy Melber (tap); Nicki Blakeslee (modern); Thommie Retter (tap)


Yoga Alliance Membership/Certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher 500hr - 2020

Certified as 200 Hour Yoga Teacher - Yoga and Ayurvedic Center, 2020

Certified in Restorative Yoga- Yoga and Ayurvedic Center, 2020

Certified as Ayurvedic Specialist - Yoga and Ayurvedic Center, 2020

Certified in Chair Yoga - Yoga and Ayurvedic Center, 2021

Member of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS), 2020

Unarmed Stage Combat (with Recommendation) Certification - Society of American Fight Directors (SADF) - 2019

Special Skills

Certified (with Recommendation) in Unarmed Stage Combat; 200Hour Yoga Teaching Certified, Certification in Restorative Yoga, Ayurvedic Living, and Chair Yoga; Bullwhip cracking; Partnering lifts/flips; Partner cartwheels; Some Tumbling; Basic baton twirling; Accents: American Theatre Standard, General American, British RP (modern and classic), Cockney, Estuary, Southern (Birmingham Alabama), Italian; Dance Experience: Jazz (14 years), tap (10 years), ballet (7 years), lyrical (6 years), modern (4 years), hip hop (3 years); Great with kids and animals; Driver's license; Knitting; Brewing coffee

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