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"Elson, Mouisset, Folland, and Page give yeoman performances as they all struggle with the mourning process and internal family crises. Elson, who was outstanding as the rancorous student whose lies destroyed private school officials' lives in the season opener, The Children's Hour, is back - and just as emotionally charged - as the tormented widow. Her acting skills and grasp of the necessary emotional range overcome the grim nature of the Nemeth account." - Dale King, Palm Beach Arts Paper


"Brian Cox and Aubrey Elson are top-notch as evil Caldwell and toilet-keeper Pennywise...The cast offers unanimously strong vocals, particularly by Page, Elson, Cox and Jaeger" - Palm Beach Arts Paper

"Elson, herself a student and Equity card holder, sings 'The Life I Never Led,' giving voice to her ponderings with lovely tones." - Dale King, Palm Beach Arts Paper



"...Of the couples, the most charismatic were Jeffrey Scott Parsons as Gideon and Aubrey Elson as Alice. The two positively sparkle in their performances, standing out even in the crowded ensemble dance numbers..." - Cary Ginell, Thousand Oaks Acorn 



"...The second time around, the iconic, deservedly beloved number's lyrics come off as even more moving, as Provart is joined by Aubrey Elson as Sillabub..." - Orange County Register



"...All three actresses playing the couple's eldest daughters are fine singers and performers - Alexis Grenier as Tzeitel, Charlene Koepf as Hodel and Aubrey Elson as Chava..." - Pam Kragen, San Diego Union Tribune



"...The three oldest daughers Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava perform well with Koepf and Elson having the strongest voices..."



"...Aubrey Elson is an absolutely lovely Bet..." - Stage Scene LA



"...They are excetionally strong singers, and they are Alexis Grenier as Tzeitel... and Aubrey Elson as Chava..." - San Diego Drama King



"...excels vocally, as does Aubrey Elson, whose bell-like soprano is perfect for the innocent kitten, Sillabub..." - Daily Collegian

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