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over 1600 units sold and counting...

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“The narrator was spectacular. Amazing voice for these characters.”

"Bree Elaine did a superb job with the narration. She has a beautiful voice, easy to understand."

"Aubrey Elson did a great job with the narration."

"Bree Elaine did a superb job with the narration."

"Incredibly written with great narration."

"Bree did a great job bringing the characters to life!"

“Bree Elaine did an excellent job as narrator. Her performance of male and female characters was well done.”

“I loved the narration by Bree she really makes the book come to to life.”

“Elaine was able to bring Ellie to life and did a great job on the narration.”

“Narrator: the narrator was easy to listen to. She did an amazing job going from one person to another and this helped make the book so good.”

“This was one of my first Lana Sky reads, and I loved listening to it in Audio! I can’t wait for the next one.”

"...the voice is pleasing and really helps to become immersed in this book."

“The narration done by Bree Elaine was done really well, and brought the character to life so it was really enjoyable.”

“Well written and a great narrator.”

“The narrator's voice was pleasant and they did a good job in helping to bring the book to life.”

“Narration by Ms. Elson is also very good; the pace of her reading is just about right, the voices are distinct and well-done, and they match the personalities of the characters. It’s a very decent interpretation of the book.”

“This story is a very sweet, fun, engaging, quick listen and I really enjoyed the flirty banter in their conversations.”

“The narrator, Elaine E. does a good job. She was the reason, I stayed with the story all the way to the end.”

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